Use npm packages in QML

I’ve been trying to code up some nice GUI for a hobby project which was done in JavaScript (Node.JS). I’ve looked at a few options that I have

  1. Use the not-yet-stable NodeGUI
  2. Go Web and use Electron
  3. Rewrite the core in Python or C++ to use Qt
  4. Use QML which has limited support for JavaScript

I’ve explored the option 1, however, I soon ran into the problems with the Model/View/Delegate architecture which means I would have to implement native plugins/add-ons in order to use ListView. Not to mention the framework itself is still heavily under development.

As for option 2, I’m not a web frontend engineer and personally I much prefer something that is native (or looks and feels native at least). For the third option, it feels a bit overkill but it is a possible way out.

Luckily I don’t have to do the re-implementation, because I’ve managed to get the core functionality bundled into a single JS file which works flawlessly in the QML environment. Before I start diving into the details on how you can make your npm packages work in QML, I have to emphasise that there are many limitations in the QML environment and it’s very likely that only a small subset of the npm package that you’re interested in is going to work.

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NodeConf EU 2018與會有感

上週有幸到鄰國愛爾蘭的Kilkenny郡參加本年度的NodeConf EU大會。會場選在風景宜人的蹩腳窩郊外,離都柏林機場有一個半小時的車程,不遠,就是estate都不在鎮上,所以每天倒也只能全身心灌注在大會和組織者安排的夜間活動上,倒也是個結交新朋好友的機會。

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