Announcing YapStocks 2.0

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a new plasmoid (KDE Plasma Applet) that provides a simple interface to monitor stocks. The first version was rather basic, being able to show the current market price only. Now it’s time to announce the availability of the second iteration of YapStocks (Yet Another Plasma Stocks Applet). I’ve recorded a short video clip showcasing all the features it has, ranging from the information summary to the historical price chart.

To use this plasmoid, you need to make sure that your system’s Qt version is at least 5.12.x and have QML QtCharts module installed (libqt5-qtcharts-imports on OpenSUSE).

Everything is written in QML and JavaScript (ES6, that’s why Qt 5.12 is the minimum requirement). If you feel like getting your hands dirty, PRs are more than welcomed! The project is hosted at GitHub:

Author: librehat


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