Building KDE Frameworks on Windows from Source

Some notes on how to build KDE Frameworks packages from source on Windows using Visual Studio tools.

To do so, you need to first have a version of Qt compiled by MSVC installed. Some system environment variables to be set, using Qt 5.15.2 as an example:

  • PATH needs to add C:\Qt\5.15.2\msvc2019_64\bin
  • Qt_DIR needs to be set to C:\Qt\5.15.2\msvc2019_64

Example instructions for building CMake-based projects (all KDE projects), the command below should be executed in x64 Native Tools Command Prompt.

mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. -G "NMake Makefiles" -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="C:\Qt\5.15.2\msvc2019_64"
nmake && nmake install

This will install the compiled KDE module into the Qt installation path. You can install it elsewhere, but if you do, make sure you update PATH environment variable accordingly.

Virtual Linux Desktop Experience in Azure

I wouldn’t believe that I will be writing this 10 years ago. It’s 2020 though. Microsoft has improved a lot of services for Linux, ranging from developer tools like Visual Studio Code, to the protagonist today: Azure (cloud computing). Azure has steadfastly become a real credible alternative to Amazon EC2 (or AWS in general). Today, I want to share my experience of using a virtual machine on Microsoft Azure cloud. To be more specific, it is a Linux desktop virtual machine (SLES 15).

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Announcing YapStocks 2.0

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a new plasmoid (KDE Plasma Applet) that provides a simple interface to monitor stocks. The first version was rather basic, being able to show the current market price only. Now it’s time to announce the availability of the second iteration of YapStocks (Yet Another Plasma Stocks Applet). I’ve recorded a short video clip showcasing all the features it has, ranging from the information summary to the historical price chart.

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OpenSUSE 15.1 Installation Notes

Although my personal laptop isn’t getting much attention from me because I’ve spent most of my time on my work laptop (a MacBook Pro) and my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e), I’ve decided to take good care of its software over last weekend by wiping the SSD clean and installing a fresh OpenSUSE on it. As an old habit, I’m sharing some notes during the installation and later setup. This is, however, the first blog post written in English here (not counting the old ones on no-long-working

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适用于KDE Plasma 5的雅虎天气小部件

去年简单粗暴地把自己写的Yahoo! Weather从KDE 4移植到了Plasma 5,但是一直没有好好改进一下。前段时间雅虎停止旧API支持,被迫更新,就顺便改改了。应该访客里有不少KDE的用户吧,想要一个简单的天气小部件的可以试试看。


  • 纯QML,不用编译直接装
  • 雅虎天气接口,大品牌值得信赖
  • 自认还算简洁明了的UI
  • 支持不同的计量单位(温度、气压、风速等)
  • 10天天气预报

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花了一天来完成这个Plasmoid(KDE Plasma桌面小工具),可谓是现学现卖啊,一边网上查手册一边在机器上写。主要是对已有的Dictionary这个Plasmoid极度不满(不然我也不会自己写一个),去project.kde.org上一看吓我一跳,Dictionary的上次更新已经是两年前的事情了。而且还是用的C++,还没port到QML呢!

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Amarok添加BBC Podcasts练听力学英语

BBC一直是我学习英语(主要练听力)的好帮手啊,下面介绍一下Linux KDE环境下的Amarok播放器怎样添加BBC Podcasts快捷方便地收听BBC的音频。

首先,当然是打开Amarok(神马?没有安装?sudo yum install amarok赶紧的),以默认视图为例,在左侧面板点击Podcasts,然后点击Add Podcast按钮,弹出的小窗口里粘贴上BBC Podcasts你中意的播客服务RSS地址即可。比如下面这两个我所收藏的:

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Fedora Linux KDE下使用苹果USB铝合金键盘(G6)

中国民间俗称G6的苹果键盘,Google一圈发现其实就是老外说的Apple Aluminum Keyboard.


Bus 003 Device 003: ID 05ac:0220 Apple, Inc. Aluminum Keyboard (ANSI)


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ownCloud出现500 Server Error错误的解决

我的ownCloud一直是跑在GitHub的master上,偶尔会去更新一下。跑到/var/www/html/下git pull完,结果出错了。ownCloud显示一直处在维护状态,按照以前我的文章所写的,我修改了config.php解决掉维护状态,但是就出现Server Error(Chrome下点More可以看到是500错误)。


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Fedora Linux连接l2tp(东南大学Bras校园网)指南


下面以Fedora 19 KDE环境为例(最新版的Ubuntu也是可以的,不过要安装的软件包名称可能不同哦),结合东南大学B-ras网络设置(具体诸如网关、用户名、密码等请参考你自己的情况),首先在终端下运行下面这个指令来安装l2tp相关的软件包,

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